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Ceremony of the Paramount Chief of the Chewa people, September 2022

Impressions of the stunning ceremony of the chief of the Chewa people…

There are 12 million Chewa in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. The least of them are in Zambia, but ten kilometres from Katete is the main area of the Paramount Chief. For the occasion of the KULAMBA chiefs come from all three countries to pay homage. Some 200 chiefs are in red togas and many more minor ones in yellow. They bring gifts like beds, fridges, and whatever you can think of.

Tiko brought a gift every year, but this year, after two years of silence because of Covid, the Tiko chief, who is the right hand of the Paramount Chief, did not manage to organize tickets for Tiko’s guests. So for two full days Tiko’s driver waited for the chief with a letter asking for tickets. But in vain, and with two Presidents coming in person, that was understandable.

Beginning at the Paramount Chief‘s hut.

So Elke gave a copy of the letter to Tiko’s guide. For nearly two hours from 06 o’clock the guests stood outside the entrance to the arena until they were finally given the go-ahead. They found empty chairs in the department for Katete government and were differently from the other people who had taken seats there allowed to stay, because of the letter they had. When they were told to buy press tickets to be allowed to take photos they were over the moon and took the pictures below. They recommend to everybody to try and come for KULAMBA.

Dancers waiting for performance.
Shopkeepers outside.
Dancers on their way to the performance.

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